A. The House Committee shall have supervision of all matters relating to the physical machinery of the organization’s meetings, such as service – type of food, facilities of the meeting place and arrangements for greeting and entertaining members and guests, and shall have charge of such social functions as may be held from time to time at Board discretion. It shall also be responsible for informing members of meetings.

B. The Membership Committee shall direct the work of securing members and shall ascertain eligibility as to membership, subject to appeal to the Board. The Treasurer shall be an ex-officio of this committee.

C. The Public Relations Committee shall have charge of all matters (aside from programs) pertaining to informing the members and dissemination of literature and beneficial information to the members and to the public. It shall publish a Town Hall East Newsletter which shall inform members of community activities.

D. The Public Services Committee shall be responsible for working with traffic control, law enforcement, fire protection, lighting agencies of the City, etc.

E. The Real Estate Committee shall have responsibility for promoting real estate values in the community and shall work with the real estate profession and lending institutions to these ends. This committee shall also be responsible for studying and making recommendations concerning zoning and related land use control issues and shall work with the Metropolitan Planning Commission and other such similar agencies in planning and implementing such controls.

F. The Schools Committee shall be responsible for working with the PTAs of the schools attended by children who reside in the Town Hall East resident membership area, and with other organizations, to insure that all children who attend these schools are getting the best possible education. This committee shall also work with the Knox County Board of Education, the Superintendent of Schools, and the staff in the interest of children who attend these schools.

G. The Ecology Committee shall be responsible for safe guarding the general ecology of the community and insuring that sanitation and pollution control laws are enforced. This committee shall formulate and maintain up to date information on how violations should be corrected.

H. The Recreational Facilities Committee shall be responsible for working with the City of Knoxville Recreation Bureau and the Recreation Commissions of each community facility to insure that all adults and children have the needed facilities and programs. This committee shall determine the need for new or changed facilities and recommend action to Town Hall East. Unless the membership decides otherwise, this committee, working with the Real Estate Commission as
appropriate, shall be responsible for following through on all approved projects.

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